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Styles of Metal Racks Available for your Wine Cellar

These metal racks are functional, easy to install and will display your labels for customers to easily see. Today there are many choices in metal racking systems and vary tremendously in price point. Let us discuss with you which works best for you! This type of wine storage system allows for the proper airflow and densities, which is the cornerstone of any proper wine cellar or space.  These racks feature modular-style racking that can be customized for any space, from personal wine cellars and retail stores to large scale restaurant and hospitality settings. Below are examples of both commercial use as well as residential applications:

VintageView Cellar in black.

Evolution Racking off dining area. 

Beautiful stonework is used behind simple metal racks for a more interesting look. Beware NOT to use these frameless doors as they will not keep in the climate control and will nullify your cooling warranty.

These are the types of doors needed for wine cellars to keep in climate control, not the frameless glass doors.

We built this custom cabinet to fit into an alcove in a family room with commercial grade cooling unit, custom wood racking and vino rails. Client selected gold wallpaper behind wine bottles with all gold handles to coordinate with her all white and gold home. 

Glass enclosed cabinet under stairs can be tricky and expensive option to cool.  Range $20k - $25k.

This new Cable System is from Canada which suspends the wine attached to ceiling and floor or cabinets. $$$$ Expensive

Cable System combined with gray wood racking is a beautiful contemporary cellar.

This is referred to as The  Peg system.

Mastro's Restaurants asked us to use VintageView racks in order to enable customers to view their wine offerings, Arizona & California.

Some metal racking within a wood wine 

cellar offers some variation to the collector.

The Cable System with wood gives more options.  Cable System $$$$ Budget $25 - $30k.

A nice blend of wood and metal.

*When adding this on as a remodel consider all that goes into it including exterior doors, cooling system, construction, electrical & racking, figure $30k-$40k depending on what racking you use.

The Cable System close up; it comes in pieces so very labor intensive to install.

This Cable System is beautifully used with wood allowing more versatility in storing wood cases and different size bottles. $$$$

*This beautiful contemporary cellar used the Peg System. $$$

* The Peg System used with label view.

*The Peg System with wood Cabinets below for more storage options.

The Panel/Peg System with Label out and Neck Out in Light Alder Finished Panels.

*Evolution racking system in cabinet.
The Panel/Peg System both label out and neck out.

*This  cable system utilizing a rolling ladder.

*Close up of  Vino Pins 2 deep, also comes in 1 or 3 deep.
*This Vino Pin comes in acrylic but only 1 bottle deep.

The Peg System & Max Reveal System.

*This is called the Max Reveal used on The Peg System.

The Panel/Peg System above and below the Max Reveal racks.

*Spiral Wine Cellar Systems.

Cable System here with some wood racks and drawers.

Nice use of 3 different elements, wood & metal racking with stonework.

Lovely Peg System here but all this glass is against all specifications for wine cellars and frameless doors will nullify your cooling warranty. The wine is crying from all the sun! :(