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Wood Racking for Custom Wine Cellars

On this page you will see the various ways in which to hold and store your precious wine collection in your custom designed cellar. We offer many different types of wood racks (All Heart Redwood wine racking being the most popular) including hand rubbed non-toxic stain and  lacquer if you want a more finished look. Below are some wood wine racking choices to include in the design of your custom cellar. Please peruse these different design options to to become familiar with their names and to get ideas for what you would like included in your wine cellar custom design to discuss with our designer, Kathleen.

Individual wine racking (above) is considered the best way to store wine and least expensive!  This type of racking allows the consistent airflow to circulate completed around each cradled bottled. This is a good idea in earthquake areas. (Valentini's Showroom in Madrid, Spain)

Using stone in your cellar adds interest and texture. The cellar has curved corners and is double deep on the back wall to create a table top.

A Valentini designed, built and installed custom wine cellar for William Lyon's Grand Monarch model, winning awards in 2015.

This Valentini cellar was designed and built for  a builder in TX in their "Showcase of Homes". The partial arch and wine racking is from our budget line and is beautiful.

This Valentini cellar located in Madrid, Spain offers client many ways of storing and displaying wine with decanting area.

Mixing metal racking with the more flexible wood racking offers more options to store various types of wine bottles. 

Tile tile scene was used as back

drop behind decanting areas in

the wine racking.

The "Cube" is a new offering in wine cellar components. It's very flexible in style,  albeit expensive, offering other color options as well.

The "Cube" offers a very unique and interested way to store your wine in a contemporary fashion. 


Custom non-toxic stain and finished can be added to the wine racking on your wine cellar. Using double deep racking below and single above can create a nice counter top.

A very custom focal point in this cellar is not something one sees often, slanted bottles, horizontal bottles, curved corners offer a VERY custom look to you wine collection. 

A dark hand rubbed, non toxic stain and finish adds drama to your wine cellar (approx. $5,000+ added cost) and wood offering plenty of storage for wood cases that metal cannot offer.


Double deep racks below to

create a granite counter top,

lattice archway with drawer.

Always a good idea to include a rolling ladder to reach the  high rows of wine in your cellar.

A more contemporary look using interesting different components in lieu of metal racks.


The "Curve" is a beautiful, unique type of wine racks for those clients whose main concern is not budget! Impressive indeed!

A Contemporary looking cellar under a stair case is a very popular trend.

Exterior Grade Custom Doors can be metal

 or wood that can withstand humidity.

The less glass used in a wine cellar is best.

Valentini Custom Wine Cellars

Diamond Bins
(Optional Trim not shown)

Diamond bins are always a dramatic cellar but  it is the most expensive way to store your wine due to the amount of solid wood. While it does not allow airflow as much as other cellar components, it does accommodate all sizes of bottles from half bottles to magnums. Also available in lattice racking.

Another contemporary looking design with glass shelves in decanting area.

This gorgeous wine cellar make the most of limited space with double deep racking below and single above to create more counter space.


Now this is a fabulous "Man Cave" with adjacent wine cellar! 

Adding a wine cellar under a staircase is very popular. Cooling the area is the most difficult application but our refrigeration contractor can help make it all possible. 

3 case wine lockers with individual wine racking using less expensive Premium Redwood racks.

Show off your large format wine bottles here.

Many clients are incorporating large wine cabinets in existing living areas. Not always an easy application, plan on a $15k- $20k project.

 Adding cabinet doors in a wine cellar with adjustable shelves offers a place for liquor, wine glasses, etc.